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Mar, 7LucianaAn extremely energetic cosmic ray observed by a surface detector arrayarXiv
  Where Did the Amaterasu Particle Come From?arXiv
Mar, 14Lioni-MoanaOn the TeV Halo Fraction in gamma-ray bright Pulsar Wind NebulaearXiv
Mar, 21TBA  
Mar, 28none  
Apr, 4AlessandroImpact of the finite life-time of UHECR sourcesarXiv
Apr, 11TBA  
Apr, 18DeniseTBA 
May, 2TBA  
May, 9TBA  
May, 16TBA  
May, 23TBA  
Feb, 16CarmeloA Peters cycle at the end of the cosmic ray spectrum?arXiv
  Curious case of the maximum rigidity distribution of cosmic-ray acceleratorsarXiv
Feb, 29AntonioConstraints on the proton fraction of cosmic rays at the highest energies (…)arXiv
  Floor of cosmogenic neutrino fluxes above 1017 eVarXiv