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Feb, 16CarmeloA Peters cycle at the end of the cosmic ray spectrum?arXiv
ย ย Curious case of the maximum rigidity distribution of cosmic-ray acceleratorsarXiv
Feb, 29AntonioConstraints on the proton fraction of cosmic rays at the highest energies (โ€ฆ)arXiv
ย ย Floor of cosmogenic neutrino fluxes above 1017 eVarXiv
Mar, 7LucianaAn extremely energetic cosmic ray observed by a surface detector arrayarXiv
ย ย Where Did the Amaterasu Particle Come From?arXiv
Mar, 21Lioni-MoanaOn the TeV Halo Fraction in gamma-ray bright Pulsar Wind NebulaearXiv
Apr, 4AlessandroImpact of the finite life-time of UHECR sourcesarXiv
May, 2AlessandroProgresses on my PhD projectย 
May, 9LucianaUHECR Echoes from the Council of GiantsarXiv
May, 16IuriiAcceleration of cosmic rays in SuperNova Remnantsย